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Flying Stories for August 10, 2012


Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:

A great way to get some common ground with your teenager.

Sorry Folks. It was pointed out that this article link was not working.  The DeKalb Chronicle is operated by Shaw Newspaper Media. Shaw doesn’t appear to want anybody out of their area visiting their site, so  once an article has been available for a few days they move it to their Archives located behind a firewall. Heaven forbid that someone should bring them traffic by linking to one of their articles.

Travel-Air 4D
Bruce McElhoe and his 1929 travel Air 4D, one of the participants in the 2012 American Barnstormers Tour

This is from the DeKalb, IL Daily Chronicle. Morgan is David’s teenage daughter. Thanks to a nice offer at a local Corn Fest last year they now have a common ground to discuss over dinner. Not a typical situation with a teenager…

Richard Taylor’s Memoirs: Chapter 16
This is from AvWeb. Chapter 16 in Richard Taylor’s memoirs. A good read, as usual.

The Spirit of St Louis
This is from the Golden Gazette News – Golden Age of Fiction News from Yesterday and Today. From their FAQ page: The Golden Gazette News features stories, articles and interesting facts from the pulp fiction of the 1930s and 1940s written by New York Times bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard. Looks like there are several interesting articles on the site.

2012 American Barnstormers Tour
This is from the Brainerd (MN) Dispatch. The 2012 American Barnstormers Tour kicked off last weekend and will run through the remainder of the summer. This article talks a little about the pilots and their airplanes. The tour’s website is where you can find their planned stops and the dates – it’s well worth the time to pay them a visit if you are near one of the stops.


No flying for me this week, but I did spend a little time at a couple of the venues for Reno’s Hot August Nights event.  Here are some photos I took – in no particular order. Not the all-chrome super-customized hot rods, but some nice restorations of older cars and some that you probably don’t see every day.



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  1. Cedarglen Avatar

    Hi Tracy. The link to the first item is either incomplete – or the newspaper simply does not allow complete embedding. However, If one searches *their* home page for “Corn Fest,” the corrent article will probably be first listed. Stuff happens. -Craig

  2. Tracy Avatar


    I updated the article link – I found the article, but since it’s about a week old they moved it to their archives behind a firewall.

  3. Cedarglen Avatar

    Thanks Tracy,
    It is their newspaper and their website, so their choice. In my never humble oponion, I think they have made a poor choice. I also tink that it would have been a delightful read… Best wishes, -Craig