Globe with the words Around the Pattern cured around the top half.

Celebrate July 4th by Going Flying!


The latest AOPA newsletter has this segment included:

Celebrate your freedom to fly

This year, celebrate July 4 by taking wing! For 233 years, America has led the world in defining and defending individual freedoms. Our unwavering commitment to these ideals has brought us rewards unimagined by the generations who passed them on. Among them is the ultimate expression of freedom—flight. Today, more than 500,000 Americans from all walks of life fly, continuing the tradition of inspiration and innovation that only freedom brings. On that holiday weekend, plan a flight to celebrate your freedoms, and share it with a friend or colleague who may not yet wholly value what general aviation has brought our nation over the past century.

For as long as I can remember I have made an effort to go flying in some sort of aircraft each December 17th to celebrate the Wright brother’s first flight. However, considering the pressures being put on general aviation these days it seems as though it might be just as appropriate to celebrate the freedoms that we enjoy in this country by going flying on July 4th.

So, why not join in a very loose formation and, wherever you are on July 4th, exercise your freedom of flight even if it’s only a trip around the pattern. Start the planning process now by fitting some time into your holiday schedule and reserving your plane if you are a renter or choosing a destination if you have your own aerial vehicle. If the weather on July 4th doesn’t match your capabilities or those of your aircraft don’t pressure yourself. The intent is to celebrate our freedoms with aviation in mind.

Get up in the air and celebrate the day! Start your planning Now!