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Aviation Stories for May 6, 2011


Here are some stories that you may have missed this week:

A former pilot gets another chance to fly
this article is from the Knoxville News Sentinel online edition. An alert medical staff member, a caring residents’ service director and an organization called Second Wind Dreams teamed up to get a former pilot back into the air. Nice story.Boeing B-17

A group of WWII veterans gets to reminisce on board their old ride.
This article is from the Contra Costa Times in Northern California. The EAA B-17 made a stop during it’s 2011 tour at Buchanan Field in Concord, CA. While there the current crew of the B-17 got to take former crew members for a short flight and listened as they talked of their flying experiences.

Why yes, it’s a Huckfest!
This article is from the Rapid City Journal. When you hear the city name Sturgis, North Dakota you usually picture thousands of motorcycles and leather-clad riders. This article describes the Sturgis Huckfest being held in the Buffalo Chip Campground. You’re just going to have to read the article to figure out how aviation figures into the equation.

This company offers rides in history.
This article is from Rosemount, MN. It is pretty much a plug for a hometown boy’s business, but it’s nice to see that someone is still trying to make a living hopping rides in an old biplane.

A 90-yr old WWI veteran celebrates flight again.
This article is from the Pensacola News Journal. At the close of the celebrations commemorating the Centennial of Naval Aviation a former Marine Corsair pilot got to feel the wind in his face again.

Another installment of an interview with a Boeing Historian.
This article is from the Reuters News Service. It is the continuation of an interview with a Boeing Historian. It contains a line at the bottom of the article that should contain links to the other parts of the interview, however the text areas are not links. A bit lower it appears that there is a link to Part 3b of the interview.

An individual once afraid to fly overcomes his fears.
This article if from the Longboat Key News. It relates the story of an individual who was scared to death to fly, but overcame his fears. It can be done – the proof is in the article.


5 responses to “Aviation Stories for May 6, 2011”

  1. Jim Avatar

    Dang….got a little teary eyed this morning reading some of those articles. God bless our vets!

  2. Tracy Avatar

    Yeah, we owe those men and women a lot and we’re losing more of them every day.


  3. Cedarglen Avatar

    Tr, Thanks. Only time to get through the fist article so far, but it is a real WINNER. For you, as a (semi)-retired wing operator and me as a fully-retired Nurse, we just have to love the story. That dear gentleman pilot **may well forget** his recent experience, but we know that it clicked while he was in the airplane. Great reporting and thanks. I’ll get through the rest over the weekend. -Craig.

  4. chris Avatar

    The original article with pictures and links can be found at the Airline Reporter site:

  5. Tracy Avatar

    Thanks for sending along the link.