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Aviation Stories for June 24, 2011


Here are some interesting flying stories that you may have missed this week – other than the U.S. Air dress code and the SWA captain’s rant :

Concorde on takeoff.

Something to do on a weekend in Seattle
Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Museum has scheduled Fly Days when they bring out some of the immaculate restorations and put on a free show for the public. This article from the Seattle Times describes the events and provides a list of the Fly Days scheduled this summer in the lower right part of the article. Well worth seeing if you’re in the area.

And something to do if you’re in Dayton, OH on July 15th
This is directly from the National Aviation Hall of Fame(NAHF). They are hosting the 2011 NAHF President’s dinner and reception which will include the presentation of the Milton Caniff “Spirit of Flight Award.” This year there are two recipients – Naval Aviation celebrating it’s Centennial and the Blue Angels, celebrating their 65th Anniversary. There is an impressive list of attendees and speakers.

One more reason to keep the WWII planes flying, not sitting in a museum.
This is from the Peninsula Daily News. A B-17 recently visited the airport in Port Angeles, WA and gave rides to some of the local residents. Once again family members were linked to the flying experiences of their family members, living and dead.

EADS shows off ZEHST at Paris
This actually caught my eye in an article on a Russian site, but I didn’t want to link to a .ru domain. I found a good composite article with video here on “Tom’s Style”. EADS is the European aircraft consortium. ZEHST is their concept of a Zero Emissions Hypersonic Transport. It looks strangely familiar in it’s shape, but differs in the planned propulsion system.