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Aviation Stories for April 29, 2011


Here are some stories that you may have missed this week.

Martin B-26 Marauder museum display

A Kalispell, Montana aircraft repair business is still thriving.
This article is from (Columbus, IN). It is a story of survival for an aircraft repair business in Montana that seems to be thriving even in this economy.

A DC-3 is slowly returning to life as a museum display.
This article is from A small group of dedicated volunteers at the North Carolina Transportation Museum are slowly restoring a Piedmont Airlines DC-3 to display condition.

Interesting comments in an NTSB report on an ATR-42 crash in 2009
This article is from the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. It relates some of the recommendations made by the NTSB in their final report of a 2009 crash of a FedEx ATR-42. They cited CRM training deficiencies and allegedly let slide the fact that the aircraft was flying in icing conditions for which it was not certified. Interesting article.

A chance to have breakfast with the youngest B-26 pilot in WWII.
This article from describes some of the WWII experiences of Don Block. Don flew his first B-26 mission in Europe at the age of 19 – and is still around to tell about it. He will be available to talk to at ‘the MAPS pancake breakfast” this Sunday. I guess the Suburbanite doesn’t realize the reach of the internet. It isn’t until the next to last line that they refer to a museum. It turns out that MAPS is the Military Aviation Preservation Society which runs an Air Museum in North Canton, OH. If you get a chance, go out and see Don. Sounds like he has some great stories.

Mosquitoes everywhere
This is from the EAA website. A 3/4 scale replica of the de Havilland Mosquito flew for the first time in France, a full-sized restoration from Canada is being completed in New Zealand and a WWII veteran in Florida is underway with his 3/4 scale version.

Now this guy is a real negotiator – his wife didn’t want him to fly
This is an article from So, you have had your PPL for about 15 years but you get married and your wife is afraid of flying and wants you to stop. OK, you negotiate – and get her approval to work on your flight simulator in your home studio. Little did she know….


4 responses to “Aviation Stories for April 29, 2011”

  1. Cedarglen Avatar

    Another great collection. Thanks, Tracy. -Craig

  2. Tracy Avatar

    Glad you liked them – I really like that guy’s simulator!


  3. Cedarglen Avatar

    Yes! Talk about a “Negotiated Settlement!” I have to wonder where/how he acquired the panel parts. They are not typical hardware store stuff and can get a bit spendy. If it keeps his wife happy… I’m not going there. Regards, C.

  4. Tracy Avatar

    Yeah, I was wondering that, too. Looks like a totally original instrument panel and center console – FMS heads and everything. Couldn’t be cheap.