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Aviation Articles for October 28, 2011


Here are some flying articles that you may have missed this week:

American Airlines Flagship Newark

A notable 17 hr 14 min flight
This is from KITV in Honolulu, HI. Hawaii has always played a big part in the history of Pan Am Airlines. Now a new exhibit on the history of the airline has opened at the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. It sounds like a really good exhibit. One more reason to take a vacation – as if the beach and impending cold weather aren’t enough…

Fixing the B-747-8 wingtip flutter problem
This one is from the Seattle Times. Pio Fitzgerald was born, raised and educated in Ireland and he knew that flying and the aviation world were what he wanted to do with his life. He will now be receiving several awards for his work solving the Bowing 747-8 wingtip flutter problem. Boeing Commercial Airplane Company named him engineer of the year for 2011.

Pan Am is still getting a lot of press
This article is from New Jersey. It’s a pretty good article about a former Pan Am stewardess. News outlets are still taking advantage of the popularity of the new television series by interviewing former Pan Am flight crew members.

A quick history of American Airlines
This is from Seattle, WA – an article on Airline Reporter. It’s a pretty good recap of the history of American Airlines. They initiated a lot of the things we view as commonplace in the airlines these days – reservation systems and catering as examples. OK, not catering anymore, but it used to be commonplace.