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Aviation Articles for October 21, 2011


Here are some flying articles you may have missed this week:

The aircraft in which William Ivy made the first flight over Nevada.

He built world’s most efficient airplane
This one is from the Kearny Hub in Nebraska. The article features Lynn French of Broken Bow, NE. He built a Quickie model aircraft and flew it for the first time in 2002. the Quickie was at that time classified as the world’s most efficient aircraft based on a formula for fuel consumption, speed and payload capacity, which is 600 pounds.I’m assuming that was determined by the CAFE Foundation. According to the article there are only about 20 Quickies flying.

Nevada has an Aerospace Hall of Fame
This is from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The second induction ceremony for the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame was held recently at the Henderson, NV airport. Eight aviators and aerospace industry pioneers were added to the list of nine inducted in the first ceremony. The list included William Ivy, who flew the first aircraft in Nevada in 1910, Charles ‘Pete’ Winters who flew MIGs out of Area 51 when we were secretly testing their capabilities and a couple of female aviation pioneers. Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame website.

Another bucket-list flight completed
This is from the Florida Times-Union. Mort Crim anchored the news in Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit for more than 30 years and was a national correspondent for ABC radio. And, like Nicholson and Freeman, he has his bucket list. Somewhere along the way he got the idea to fly 7400 miles on his 74th birthday. Well, not all in one day. He flew 72 hours in 31 days and used a folding bicycle for transportation. Now he’s wording on a documentary video of the flight.

Going to be near Knoxville this weekend?
This is from the Knoxville, News. Rebecca Simmons’ father used to own Downtown Island airport before it was sold to the city of Knoxville. She worked there as the airport’s secretary-treasurer and was married there in one of the main hangars. This weekend (Oct 22nd) she is going back to the airport for the first time in many years to take part in the Open House festivities. Sounds like a great place to spend part of your Saturday if you are in the area.