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Aviation Articles for November 11, 2011


Welcome to 11-11-11, called by some the Nerd New Year.

Do not neglect to thank any veterans or active military members that you know. Their sacrifices have given us the freedom to live the lives that we live.Veteran's Day

Here are some flying stories that you may have missed this week:

Veterans returning from Washington D.C.
This one is from Spokane, WA. Inland Northwest Honor Flight took their fifth group of military veterans to Washington D.C. recently – giving them all a chance to see the memorials that have been dedicated in their honor. Several spoke of their experiences.

A veteran’s story
This is from Brenham, TX. Gene Menking entered the Army Air Force in June of 1941 as an 18-year-old learning to be a mechanic. This article is the story of his military career.

A military career that almost wasn’t
This one is from the Leader Post in Regina, Sask. Barry Needham has an airfield named after him, yet his military career almost never got off the ground. He talks here about some of the history he saw being made.

Some WWI aviation history
This is from the Caledon Citizen in Brampton, ON,Canada. The local historical society received a tour and several presentation about the WWI aircraft on display at the Great War Flying Museum. It sounds like they have quite a collection.

This is why you take kids to airshows
This is from the TCPalm on Florida’s Treasure Coast. Steve and Tyson both grew up in Martin County, FL. and they both grew up watching airplanes and Shuttle launches and dreamt of taking to the skies. Now they are both military pilots and brought their currently assigned aircraft to the local Stuart Air Show.

Keeping aviation history alive
This is from the Warren Record in Warrenton, NC. A non-profit organization, History Flight focuses on keeping World War II aviation history alive by taking civilians on flights onboard aircraft of that era. Proceeds from the flights are used to research and locate the remains of U.S. servicemen still missing in action from World War II. John Garrett, now 80, loved to fly the AT-6 trainer. Recently he go a chance to relive some of his memories.


6 responses to “Aviation Articles for November 11, 2011”

  1. Cedarglen Avatar

    Hello Tracy. I see a nice list of articles this week and I’ll plow my way through them over the weekend. Before I forget, one vet to another, Thank you for your long service, sir. You could easily have left service and joined the major’s senority tree much earlier. You chose to remain, to fly, to fight and to teach the next generation. Despite a modest pension, you paid a hefty price. On our annual day of recognition for all veterans, thank you for your long years of service. In their quest for the newest exciting post, too many reader’s forget the writer’s quiet history. I’ve read and rember the few details that you have shared. I understand. Again, Thank you for your service, sir. -Craig

  2. Tracy Avatar

    And many thanks back to you, too. It’s nice to see that veterans are actually being recognized for their sacrifices. I didn’t see a whole lot of that when I came home from SEA.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend.


  3. Cedarglen Avatar

    I missed that as well, in those days. I do see more of it now, most often at the small community level. It makes me happy. Today’s serving men and women are getting (some) of the thanks that they deserve and that an earlier generation just did without. I have no regrets and I suspect that you share that view. We know that we did the right thing and at the right time. I’ve never experienced second thoughts and yes, I sleep very well. Again, I suspect that you do as well. Best wishes. -Craig

  4. Tracy Avatar

    I’m with you all the way.


  5. Jim Avatar

    Thanks for your service, Tracy! Great articles this week…I even had to look up what an E-9A was.

  6. Tracy Avatar

    Thanks, glad I could keep you interested enough to do some more research…