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Aviation Articles for March 2, 2012


We had a good week for articles this time. Enjoy the reading.

Here are some flying article that you may have missed this week:

Paper Airplanes. Photo credit: Richard Smith/Flickr::CC
Paper Airplane World Record Holders.

SkillsUSA Aviation Competition
This is from the Courier-Journal in Louisville, KY. Students from more than a dozen schools took part in the competition that tested various aspects of aviation including flight simulation, aircraft inspection, aircraft recognition and aircraft parts fabrication.

Six aviation records at age 16.
This is from the Milwaukee Courier. Jonathan Strickland had amassed six world records by the time he was 16 years old. Sounds like a young man with aviation in his future…

The Legacy of Z
This is from the Winston-Salem Journal. I have to admit that I had not heard of Zachary Smith Reynolds before I read this article. You can buy a book about one if his exploits that chronicles his flight from England to china in 1931-32. Log of Aeroplane NR-898W: Experiences, Comments, Impressions of a Flight from England to China 1931-32 (Affiliate Link)

A teacher who has the right idea about teaching
This is from the Baltimore Sun. Rob Rice teaches an aeronautics class at South River High School – but he wasn’t intimately familiar with the subject. Now he is taking flying lessons as par of the County Public Schools professional development program. What a concept! I have read a few articles from reporters who should follow his example.

From footballs to paper airplanes.
This is from the Marin Independent Journal just north of San Francisco. Joe Ayoob was a quarterback on the University of California football team. For this competition, though, he teamed up with John Collins, a television producer, to set a world record…

“Go Fly a Kite” takes on a whole new meaning.
This is from The Atlantic. Before airplanes were perfected WWI commanders were almost blind to the maneuvers of their enemies. Balloons and dirigibles filled the need, but were easy targets from the ground. One day some commander must have been day dreaming about Ben Franklin and his lightning experiments and wondered, ‘I wonder if…’

Preserving our aviation history.
This is from ABC Newspapers in Minnesota. Greg Herrick owns the Golden Wings Museum and has been an avid promoter of preserving our aviation history for years. His efforts resulted in an amendment that was added to the FAA Reauthorization bill that will benefit all antique aircraft owners.

2012 General Aviation Award Winners
This article is from Aviation Each year the FAA picks the best examples of several types General Aviation representatives – such as Aviation maintenance Technician, Certified Flight Instructor and Safety Team Representative. The individuals are nominated in their individual FAA Districts, are further evaluated at one of the eight FAA Regions and then the top contender is awarded National recognition. the winners have been announced, however they will not officially receive their awards until the presentation a the “theater in the Woods” at AirVenture in July. This article gives an overview of the accomplishments of each of the winners.