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Aviation Articles for June 22, 2012


Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:

Flight attendant marks 50 years with airline
This is from the Herald Sun in Durham, NC. Peggy Turley saw an article about an a job interview in a newspaper in 1962, just as her parents were about to retire to El Paso. She was just 23 years old and thought, “Why not?” Tuesday she celebrated 50 years as a flight attendant for American Airlines. She has some interesting comments about her experiences…

Aviation education for teachers
This is from the Edmonds Beacon, near Seattle, WA. A Snohomish, WA teacher, Gary Evans, has put together a 4-day course for teachers that covers virtually all aspects of the field of aviation. It costs $365 to attend and awards 3 university credits. From the description of the course I wouldn’t mind attending…

90-year-old WWII vet describes flying B-29 bomber
This is from KFVS, channel 12 in Jefferson County, MO. Everett Atkinson is now 90 years old. At age 22 he was an aircraft commander on a B-29, leading 10 other crew members into battle during WWII. He has some great comments about flying then and flying now. Well worth the read…

Revisiting the Goodyear Inflatoplane
This is an article from the Republic in Columbus, IN. Back in the 1950s the Goodyear Aircraft Company pitched an idea to the military for an inflatable airplane. The article covers the story pretty well but has no pictures of the plane. You can find some videos of varying quality on YouTube.

A little Maine aviation history
This is from KJ Online in Kennebec, ME. The first half of this article describes Peter Reny’s plans to fly the airshow circuit in a BD-5J, one of only 6 remaining flying examples in the world. The second half of the article describes the first aircraft flight to occur in Maine – in 1911.

Reuniting with an old friend
This is from the Roanoke Times in Virginia. The last time that Wes Hilman saw his Taylor E-2 Cub was in 1934 and at that time it didn’t have an engine, propeller or wings. Wes is now 90 years old and last Thursday he had the opportunity to reacquaint himself with his old frined…