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Aviation Articles for July 8, 2011


This week was another of those weeks relatively lacking in the type of articles I pass along.  Some weeks I have too many to choose from, other  weeks I don’t run into anything until Friday morning. I guess on those really article-packed weeks I need to set aside the extra articles for a ‘rainy week.’

Some of you may have tried to access the site earlier in the week and received an error page for a while. Sorry about that. I upgraded to the newest version of WordPress and made the mistake of not checking my hosting account first. I found out quickly that my website host doesn’t automatically upgrade the versions of the PHP and MySQL programming languages associated with my account. It took a little while and a call to tech support, but I cleared up the glitch and got everything back operating normally about 45 minutes. Live and learn.

Here are those flying stories that you may have missed this week:

Toy Airplane. photo credit Flickr, CC:

Another way to introduce aviation to young people
This article is from a suburb of Detroit. Signal Seekers is a model airplane club with a really nice facility in Livonia, MI, near the Ford Motor Company plant. If you’re in the area, check them out.

Another way to pass on an interest in aviation.
This article is from OA Online. The headquarters of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is in Midland, TX. For ten years they have been running a summer program for kids to teach them a little more about our aviation heritage as it relates to WWII. Their Junior Aviation Academy is running from July 25-29 this year for kids ages 12-18. It sounds like they get a lot of hands-on experience.

A University student renews his passion for aviation.
This article is from the Chicago area. A Lewis University student was unsure of his choice of majors until he switched to aviation, then found a passion for flying that had been with him since he was a little kid.

Alabama teens get up close with the CAP
This article is from Huntsville, AL. Seven teens from the Huntsville area received hands-on flight experience as part of a local Civil Air Patrol program. It sounds like this was a Young Eagles-type program for older kids.

Flying with the Blue Angels in a different way
This article is from Battle Creek, MI. An airshow pilot, John Klatt, got a chance to fly with the Blue Angels recently. But he wasn’t in an airplane with them – he was flying his own plane, an Extra 300L, in formation with two of the Blue Angels in their F/A-18s. And the author of the article was in the plane with Klatt for a media flight. Some people have all the luck…