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Aviation Articles for July 22, 2011


Here are some flying stories you may have missed this week:

Lockheed Vega at the Fantasy of Flight Museum

Airplane bought on eBay finds it’s way to the Smithsonian
This article is from Channel 11 in Minneapolis. Matt Quy bought a basket-case airplane on eBay. His research during the restoration process found that he had purchased a historically significant airframe – significant enough that the Smithsonian bought it from him. A modern day version of finding an airplane in a barn.

The Joy of Flying
this one is from the TimesOnline of Beaver, PA. Two 86-year-old pilots and the 1928 National Air Derby. Lots of aviation history.

An airpark resident receives an award.
This article is from the Sacramento Bee. An 84-year-old Cameron Park resident was recognized recently for receiving the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award for 50-plus consecutive years of safe flying.

How else would a pilot celebrate his 90th birthday?
This article is from the Santa Maria Times. Dan Daniels turned 90 recently. He has been a pilot and instructor for almost 70 years. Going for a glider flight seemed to be the best way to celebrate his birthday.

Airline pilot answers
Interestingly, this one comes from the Mother Nature Network and is an article published in Women’s Day. It seems really rare that the media gets aviation information correct. This article, though not my usual type, is fairly accurate in the information that it provides. See what you think.

Airlines and Airshows
This article is from the Journal Star in Peoria, IL. Not all airshow pilots make a living going upside down. This particular lady also pilots a 747-400. The Prairie Airshow is this weekend and the article give a little insight into one of the show performers.


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  1. Cedarglen Avatar

    Once again, thank you, Tracy. I enjoyed all of this week’s articles. I have to agree that the usual press and ‘news’ outlets too often have no clue about what they write and report. At best they tell us that an event has happened. At worst – let’s just don’t go there. The continuing AF447 event is a perfect example: The investigators issue an interim report and the newsies are all over it with conclusions not apparent on the report. I’ll wait for the final report and then rely on the interpretations of several professionals for my understanding of the event. The talking heads slobber blather and really nice hair, but precious little detailed information. I don’t know how you find some of these items but the weekly basket is always fun reading. Thank you. -Craig

  2. Cedarglen Avatar

    P.S. Any thoughts about my back channel request for sources of weather information?

  3. Tracy Avatar

    I’ll try to answer with a post tomorrow.


  4. Cedarglen Avatar