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Aviation Articles for February 24, 2012


I have spent the day out at the airport the past couple of days. Today I should have gone flying, but I delayed too long and the winds started to come up.  I can hear them blowing as I write this. The forecast is for gusts to 50 kts on the valley floor tomorrow. Not a great day for flying.  They are also guessing on a series of storm systems all next week, too.  The best laid plans…  Spring will be here soon.  Keep telling yourself that….

I took this photo at KRNO when a group of mail planes came through recreating a transcontinental flight. This is Addison Pemberton about to start his restored Boeing Model 40, the only flying example in existence.

Here are some articles that you may have missed this week:Boeing Model 40, KRNO September 2008

Running a restaurant at an airport meets the needs of a Pennsylvania pilot
This is from the Star Press in Muncie, IN. Chris Mealy (how appropriate) decided that he didn’t really care for the life of a corporate pilot, even though he started out to be one. But he had always enjoyed the restaurant business. When his father saw an opportunity to take over an airport restaurant, the match was made.

A 17-year-old with a lot on her plate.
This is from the Urbana Daily Citizen. Jennifer Mastoris is a high school student that has her plate full – Student Council, National Honor Society, part time Community College student and the only pilot in her immediate family.

Geeks on a plane.
This is from The Washington Post. Aviation enthusiasts will find any number of ways to get their flying or airplane fix. This particular group organized a field trip.