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Aviation Articles for December 23, 2011


I hope all of you have a happy, safe and sane holiday season.  All the best to you all. Thank-you for your support this year. I will do my best to earn your readership throughout the coming year.

Here are some flying stories you may have missed this week:

Going Flying

Weldon Cooke did more than drive a race car.
This is from SFGate in California. It seems that December 19th was the 100th anniversary of a historic flight in the San Francisco Bay area.

And don’t forget Lewis Anthony…
This is from The Charlotte Observer. Nancy Anthony had always wanted to know the aviation history behind her father’s experiences. He didn’t talk about them very much. He passed away 12 years ago and Nancy is finally digging deeper into his past.

And everybody knows Waldo Waterman, right?
This is from the Santa Monica Daily Press. Let’s just say that a Waterman Aerobile is hanging in the Air & Space Smithsonian. Oh, and don’t discount the Waterman Arrowplane.


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  1. Jim Avatar

    Merry Christmas to you, as well. Thank you for your service and enjoy your retirement.

  2. Tracy Avatar

    Thanks, I appreciate that…and I’m having a great time in retirement.