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Aviation Articles for August 26, 2011


This ought to get me caught up with my Friday posts. I should be back on schedule this week.

Here are some flying stories that you may have missed last week:

Ladies Love Taildraggers

A short trip around the country
This one is from AOPA Online. This seventeen-year-old decided to show his contemporaries that there was something to do over the summer besides play video games. Sounds like he’s well on his way to his employment goal, too.

Ladies Love Taildraggers
This is from the EAA website. In a previous Friday post I had a link to an article about a lady who intended to fly her 1931 Student Prince biplane from Washington state to the Ladies Love Taildraggers Convention near Dayton, OH. She made it and brought home the trophy for the longest distance flown to the event. This is EAA’s coverage of the convention.

OV-1 Mohawk finds a new home.
This one is from the Gainesville, GA times. An OV-1 Mohawk was saved from being dismantled and scrapped and will now be displayed in a newly formed museum.

Can’t fly a big one – try a scaled model
This is from Newport News, VA. The local radio-controlled model aircraft club had a meet recently that is covered in this article. Looks like they have some really nice planes.

Girls In Flight Training (GIFT) Camp
This article is from AOPA Online. In a previous Friday article I pointed you to this aviation camp for women that was to be held in Vernon, TX. AOPA covers the success of the event in this article written by Jill Tallman.