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Aviation Articles for August 12, 2011


Here are a few aviation stories that you may have missed this week.

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Teenage Show-off
This one is from the Hannibal Courier-Post (MO). It seems that when Dillon Barron turned 16 he decided to do it by getting into the record books.

They start their aviation programs early in Texas.
This article is from Brownsville, TX. I thought this was just another article about a school aviation program – and it is. But then I noticed the age of the girl spotlighted in the article. She has already passed her PPL knowledge test once. Too bad it didn’t count…

I really can’t believe her reaction
This one is from the San Francisco Chronicle, but it happened just outside Chicago. The 75-year-old pilot hopped into her Piper Cub parked outside her house and went for a short flight, something she tried to do every day. This one didn’t end so well… Basic preflight planning would have helped. Since I added this link to my draft article earlier this week I have seen the article referenced in several other online publications – I doubt you could have missed it.

One way to spend your wedding anniversary
This article is from Eureka, CA. This couple has been flying together since they got married. For this anniversary they decided to try setting a record. Now they’re in the NAA record books.

Monroe, LA – Who Knew?
This one, obviously, is from Monroe, LA. The city is having an aviation celebration tomorrow (Sat, Aug 13th). The article lists the contributions that Monroe citizens have made to aviation in it’s description of the planned festivities. I had no idea…

This sounds like a fun adventure
An article from Port Townsend, WA. What better way to put your 1931 biplane to work than to fly it across the country to a fly-in. She could probably write a book about the adventure…

It’s getting harder to fly your model airplane in the SF Bay area.
This one is from the Contra Costa Times. Just like the bigger airports, radio-controlled aircraft fields are being shut down by the usual suspects – housing developments and environmental complaints.

A WWII veteran remembers
This article is from the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. A 90-year-old veteran talks about his experiences flying a B-25 from Attu in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.


3 responses to “Aviation Articles for August 12, 2011”

  1. Cedarglen Avatar

    Thanks for another weekly reading list, Tracy. Great material. I am taken by the seriousness and caution exhibited by the youngsters. The toss-it-off attitude of Ms. Rose is frightening. I think that she is a candidate for some remedial training and a suspension until she completes said training. Her offense is serious, but understandable. Her apparent attitude needs serious correction if she wishes to use the public airspace. One old fart thinking out loud. -Craig

  2. Tracy Avatar


    Those were some of the same thoughts that I had – but then they were based upon media coverabe of an event that they could sensationalize. There has been coverage of her flight in most of the online aviation publications. More information has come out – like the explaination she always checks NOTAMS but her internet service was down that day. That sounds a bit too convenient an excuse for not seeing the TFR notam. Lack of internet wouldn’t have prevented a call to Flight Service. I would think that all the pilots in the Chicago area would be more vigilant since it’s the President’s home town. there’s no telling when he might get the urge for a visit.

  3. Cedarglen Avatar

    I agree. If we’ve learned anything about media coverage of aviation it is to believe only that ‘something’ happened. They never seem to get the details even close to correct. And yes, there are always (at least) two sides to every story. Buzzing around the neighboorhood in a Cub is not a bad way to spend one’s 75th year.