Air Races – Friday

by on September 16, 2011

I’m not going to say much about this – you can look at You Tube and the news stations. Some of it will probably be accurate – the longer we get from the event the more accurate it will be.

I had left the airport early today and saw the race planes starting down the chute as we got on the highway. Then half way home we were passed by 4 police cars and 5 emergency vehicles going north toward Stead.

Jimmy Leeward in Galloping Ghost, Race 177 crashed today, just in front of the grandstands. Some friends described it as a violent pitch up followed by a snap roll. From the video it went in almost vertically.

There are mass casualty procedures in effect and area news stations are saying 75 injured with 25 of them critical.

I cannot see how the races will be able to continue this year and the question is whether they can recover to ever be held in the future.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all involved, especially the Leeward family.


6 PM Update – Air Races are cancelled for the weekend. CEO will have another press conference at 7 pm Pacific.

Press Conference results:

54 people transported to hospitals. NTSB has taken over control of the scene. No other numbers are being released by RARA.

Best knowledge is that it was a mechanical issue (which matches up with what my friends reported).

A bunch more inane questions by reporters that are not worth repeating.

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