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Two Flights This Week So Far

So far I have flown twice this week – once a pattern ride to do a little practice (which didn’t seem to help much) and the second another EAA Eagle Flight with a local EAA Chapter member.

The weather up here in Reno had been unusually nice for November. We actually set high temperature records last Friday and Sunday. 

The Eagle Flight was completed yesterday with an individual who was involved in aviation early in his life in several volunteer capacities but never took any instruction toward a pilot certificate. Then, as so often happens, life got in the way an flying was set aside. 

Now he is interested in changing his life’s direction and sees aviation as a possible later-in-life career path – not necessarily in an airline capacity but more likely in one of the other myriad of commercial flying possibilities.

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Back Flying and Writing Again

Occasionally life gets in the way and time passes way faster than you imagined. As I look back at this site I see that I haven’t published anything since way back in January. Almost a year has passed and I imagine that most of the regular readers here have moved on. Oh well, publishing on sites like this are often more for the writer than the reader. Sort of a way to clear your head.

When we last left off I had just given a new friend an EAA Eagle Flight – designed to introduce adults to the world of aviation if they have expressed a sincere interest in learning what flying is all about. That friend is now finishing up his final flight requirements for his private pilot certificate. I expect him to schedule his checkride before the end of the year.

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Fitting ourselves into the Swift cockpit.

Paying it Forward

Anyone who has any experience with the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) has heard of their Young Eagle Program. It introduces kids aged 8-17 to the world of aviation with a Stem-oriented briefing that covers the very basics of flying, the Young Eagle Program itself and flight line safety. Then they are given a an orientation flight. All this is provided at no cost to the child or his/her parents. The printed materials are provided by EAA and the flights are provided by volunteer EAA members. There are also follow-on benefits for kids who pursue their aviation education.

The response to the Young Eagle program continues to be very positive and, as expected, some parents watching the program in action have asked how they can get the same type of experience.  Enter EAA’s Eagle Flight Program.

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